Faculty / Staff Directory 2017 - 2018

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First Last Position Grade Level Email
Alice Buzanis Principal All ABuzanis@cps.edu
Kimberly Carter-Easter Assistant Principal All KACarter-Easter@cps.edu
Danielle Beal Counselor All DLBeal@cps.edu
Linda Harvey Teacher  Pre-K LMHarvey@cps.edu
Vanessa Laurenzana Teacher  Pre-K VYLaurenzana@cps.edu
Stephanie Ross Teacher  Pre-K SMRoss@cps.edu
Lida Stewart Teacher  Pre-K LLStewart@cps.edu
    Teacher Kindergarten  
Gwendolyn Wiley Teacher  Kinder - 1st GMWiley@cps.edu
Carla Smith Teacher  1st clsmith1@cps.edu
Jamie Garti Teacher  2nd JRGarti@cps.edu
Juanikee Donald Teacher 2nd-3rd jndonald@cps.edu
Nathan Bettis Teacher  3rd nabettis1@cps.edu
Valarie Bryant Teacher 4th VABryant@cps.edu
    Teacher 5th  
Cynthia Wilkinson-Troutman Teacher 6th-8th CGWilkinson-trout@cps.edu
Libra Duncan Teacher 6th-8th LLDuncan@cps.edu
Markita Anderson Teacher 6th-8th MLAnderson4@cps.edu
Jamal Brown Computer Coordinator Computer JRBrown1@cps.edu
Alice Buzanis Case Manager Diverse Learners ABuzanis@cps.edu
Ida Towner Intervention Teacher All IJTowner@cps.edu
Rosalind McGehee Clerk All ramcgehee@cps.edu
Kenard Johnson Security All KEJohnson1@cps.edu
Takeeva Thompson Lunchroom Mgr Lunchroom TDThompson1@cps.edu
Alonzo Andrews Porter Lunchroom ALAndrews1@cps.edu
Loretta Barnett Teacher DIverse Learners LLBarnett-jones@cps.edu
Daniell Gray Teacher DIverse Learners dgray25@cps.edu
Sandra Williams Teacher DIverse Learners swilliams150@cps.edu
Howard Robinson Teacher Physical Ed HNRobinson@cps.edu
Sarah Kendrick Teacher Art SGKendrick@cps.edu
Rhonda Bryant Classroom Assistant All RBryant@cps.edu
Alfredia Glover Ross Classroom Assistant All AGlover1@cps.edu
Bridgette Hoard Classroom Assistant All bdhoard@cps.edu
Laura Johnson Classroom Assistant All LAJohnson3@cps.edu
Babette King Classroom Assistant Pre-K BKing@cps.edu
Kimberly Larry Classroom Assistant Pre-K KLarry@cps.edu
Joyce Mitchell Classroom Assistant All JAMitchell1@cps.edu